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Saturday, May 18, 2013


  pack hasan is a religion teacher at the school renowned in the Jakarta area while his wife is a famous model them in a relationship of husband and wife has been running 2 years, when the relationship is still very affectionate as when they were dating before but the situation soon, when their relationship goes 4 years ...

  every morning neighbors pak hassan always hear commotion-commotion they who makes them awakened from sleeping them and in perparah again with no the existence of anymore word-word affection which like it used to anymore, let alone not the existence of fruit hearts which they idam-idamkan from time ago, that anyway who often sparked disputes in between them ..

  who most often heard by his neighbors is disputes their about how to dress his wife such, pak hassan always protesting manner of dress his wife it, how pak hassan do not to remonstrate with kalo out of the house alone his wife always dressed sexy, pak hassan always embarrassed with a way berpakainya his wife such karna pak hassan is a teacher of religion, should have been he should be more tau about how to dress which good ..

  and are often heard saying his wife is to her husband with a hard, she uttered, "I WAS A CHAMPION SO I MUST be dressed like MODEL" and too often also often heard her compare wages (salaries) that he got from a model of the wage ( salary) a teacher of religion ..

  the days are always audible noises at home is simpler hassan peak occurs when the pack can no longer restrain himself, from his utterances that, sir hassan emotions he was saying things that made her upset by hassan pack the greeting and the tone who loud anyway pak hassan pronounce it "INDEED MY OF A TEACHERS WITH WAGES (salary) a lowly THAT DO NOT MORE HIGHER THAN WAGES (salary) WHICH KAMU GET THE FROM Your work is the BECOME MODEL, THEN THE FROM ON THE ITU TRY TO FIND SOMEONE WHICH SETARA WITH YOU AND CAN accept you your job ITU "and with it anyway commotion this day finished ..

  every few days occurs atmosphere at home that is conducive anymore without sounding noises every morning, pack a few days anyway hassan and his wife had no communication with each other was 3 weeks out is the lack of communication between them ...

  to want to improve their circumstances pack hassan finally ventured to open a conversation between the preacher and his wife, the first pack hassan opening words by using the words love, sebernanya inside the pack hassan he could not accept if he had to part with his wife is because he is very Sanyang once with

 1 hour later pak hassan feel already enough him ventured to discuss the problem it, and he told me "SAYANG What about your job?" istrinyapun pensive, several kemudaian istrinyapun replied "OH ... PROBLEM ITU MY ALREADY DECIDES To WILL LEAVING THE WORLD MODEL AND WILL filial at her husband AND MAU LIVING SIMPLE WITH MANY CINTA" suaminyapun replied with sense of relief "THANKFULLY if so kalo KAMU MAU accepted me WITH AS IS "



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