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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Benefits Of Blogging

In this multimedia era, who is not familiar with the INTERNET? No doubt many people know the internet and is also included as the user. Many students today are already make use of it, and use internet to add knowledge, and for socializing.

If you want to find information by internet, you must open your browser for browsing. And you will meet many website or page, or blog.  Here, you're just a reader.  If  you had only been a reader, why not you try to be a "writer". Writing in internet also called blogging, and the writer also called blogger. Blogging has many benefits, for ourselves and for others.

Below I have wrote some benefits of blogging:
  1. Means of self-promotion. If you known goog blog, then you'll ber famous amongnetizens.
  2. Means learning to write. By having a blog, you are required to fill it. With a lot of writing articles, then you are unwittingly practicing to be a true writer.
  3. Means increase knowledge. By hanging out with other bloggers, you can share about issues beyond blogging. This activity will add your knowledge.
  4. Means of promoting products and services (advertising). In a website or blog, you can promote on a product simply by writing a description of the product in an image.
  5. Source of income. You can earn money if you are successful products in the market or crowded.
  6. Place outpouring of the heart. For students who called alay, you can pour your heart about unwelcome lesson about boyfriends, or friends of friends. In the internet world, the actual name of the ethics of writing is not to mention the original name, just publish pseudonym or initials only.
Above just some of the benefits of blogging billions.  So you have the spirit of blogging. 


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