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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Exposition Text

*Exposition text is a statement or test which have argument or opinion about issue, idea, method, or object.

*There are two kinds of exposition text:

1. Analytical Exposition Text.
-Is a type of text that belong to the argument text of detailed author's about event or event around (phenomena)
-The Function of analytical exposition text to persuade by presenting argument to analyze or explain "how" and "why".

-The generic structure of analytical exposition text is
  a. Thesis             : The main idea of writer.
  b. Argument      : Present of the author the argument or opinion that support main idea.
  c. Reiteration   : Concluding part of analytical exposition contains rewriting of the main idea of the 1st paragraph.

2. Hortatocical Exposion Text.
-Is the text which is represent attempt to bring the reader to do something or act in certain way.

-The function of hortatorical exposition text is to describe the communicative purpose and influence the reader that should not be.

-The generic structure of hortatorical exposition text:
  a. Thesis
  b. Argument
  c. Recomendation : The advice to persuade of main idea (in the last paragraph)

*Exposition text can be in form of:
-Spoken argument

Note :

-Analytical exposition text  are more difficult than hortatorical exposition text, because in analytical exposition text the autor must analyze the event.

-Hortatorical : The author makes the reader imagine something and influenced to do somethinga certain waysuch as buyingvisitingetc.

-Thesis only at 1st paragraph
-Argument can be 1 or more paragraph
-Reiteration only at last paragraph (just conclusion, not to persuade the reader)
-Recomendation only at last paragraph 

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